[78-L] 78-era necrology

Rodger Holtin rjh334578 at gmail.com.invalid
Tue Jan 23 22:05:50 PST 2018

Apologies if we've done this before and I don't remember it, but have we
attempted a list of those recording folks who died at (or near) the height
of their careers during the 78 Era?


Here are a few that pop to mind

Beiderbecke, Bix

Berigan, Bunny

Bernie, Ben

Berry, Chu

Blanton, Jimmy

Bowly, Al

Caruso, Enrico

Christian, Charlie

Clark, Buddy

Colombo, Russ

Coon, Carlton

Duchin, Eddy

Gershwin, George

Kapell, William

Kemp, Hal

Knapp, Orville

Lang, Eddie

Lunceford, Jimmie

Miley, Bubber

Miller, Glenn

Mills, John

Moten, Bennie

Murray, Don

Parker, Charlie

Ragas, Henry

Rodgers, Jimmie

Rogers, Will

Savitt, Jan

Stanley, Frank

Teschmacher, Frank

Valentino, Rudolph

Waller, Fats

Webb, Chick

Williams, Bert

Williams, Hank

Zurke, Bob



Surely I'm missing somebody.


Rodger Holtin

Henderson, TN


For best results use Victor Needles


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