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Well, since Seth Winner owns the actual original lacquer set of the
concert, he is the one to ask if the definative complete recording will
ever be released.  

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Played my LP for the first time in decades. Enjoyed every minute of it.

When was this issued on Lp? I know, or think I know it was 1950, but can
someone narrow that down to the exact, correct date for me?


Rodger Holtin

Henderson, TN


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My afternoon's enjoyment was listening - for the first time in a while -
the whole 1938 Benny Goodman Carnegie Hall concert.



Because there's no single complete sound source, I used a variety -
off with "Don't Be That Way" from the Columbia Disc Jockey-issue 78.
the 1999 CD issue where necessary for the first half; otherwise stuck
an original-stampers pressing of SL-160 - especially for "I Got Rhythm,"
where the CD omits some music.



Here's hoping that someday soon we'll see a truly accurate issue of the



-- David Jessup


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