[78-L] Goodman / Carnegie at 80

David Jessup dgjessup at hotmail.com.invalid
Wed Jan 17 01:27:58 PST 2018

The '99 Sony CD omits about 25 seconds or so of "I Got Rhythm." There's also a needle-skip in Buck Clayton's third solo chorus in "Honeysuckle Rose."

If you play the Sony CD, then substitute any Columbia *LP* for "I Got Rhythm," you've substantially got it all.

Seth Winner presented examples of his work on his lacquers for ARSC, including his "20-minute repair" of that needle-skip.

Just the right stylus, right tracking, etc.

The Jasmine CD used Sony as a base, hit it with noise reduction & other work. It has the same music omissions as Sony.

Can't comment on all issues now available; I've never bothered to try to complete a collection of what would mostly be clones.

-- Dave

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