[78-L] What is a Savannah Band?

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> Still I'd like to know more about why Savannah was chosen as a symbol for "music from the south". New Orleans, yes, but Savannah? What happened in Savannah? Any Georgians around?
> Kristjan
Savannah was one of the wealthiest cities of the South well before the 
Civil War. It's climate was conducive to the growing of cotton, staple 
of the Southern economy. It was one of the principle ports along that 
extent of the Atlantic coast. These factors led to it also being one of 
the cultural centers to the South before the rise of other cities such 
as Atlanta. It was in fact the first capital of Georgia. Thus in lore 
and in fact, it was and still is regarded highly in the imagination of 
the Antebellum South (antebellum meaning, pre-Civil War).

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