[78-L] Hello and EK Sessions Diaries and Pay Books.

Inigo Cubillo ice261263 at gmail.com.invalid
Tue Nov 28 09:41:52 PST 2017

​Only to say that I'm glad to see that 78L seems to return back to LIFE...!

BTW, I've been lately reading the entire blog of Mainspring Press, and some
other related articles in diverse media (VJM) which are linked to MSP.
Enjoyed a great time, and also found interesting facts!
They are studying the Ed Kirkeby's sessions diaries and pay books, and so
tumbling down with the data in them (what they call "primary source data")
many assumptions made in Rust's JR, ADBD and the inheritors... about the
personnel composing some recording bands. But what amazes me is why they
give so much credit to the EK diaries... I admit they are a better source,
given EK noted down the right things day-by-day, and did not make any
mistakes (intentioned or not).
Besides this, they reinforce the "authority" of the EK files in the fact
that Rust and inheritors never cited the sources of their data for the
bands personnel. They simply cited "collective personnel" in these cases
that Mainspring refutates, but don't give the sources.

Let's see what more surprises are waiting..

At some point in the blog (probably May-June 2017) they promised to give
free access to a PDF version of monumental Dick Spottswood's "Ethnic Music
on Records" for this last summer. A nice present. But this never arrived...
Instead we have free PDFs of Columbia E- and C-series only... what is a
good gift, anyway. But I was dreaming to have the DS monumental
discography. I can only see it at out National Library, which has a
complete set.


Madrid, SPAIN-

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