[78-L] a Grey Gull question

Donna Halper dlh at donnahalper.com.invalid
Sat Nov 25 20:31:43 PST 2017

I was reading some old issues of Variety (if anyone needs an obit, I 
have access to the database for another month; just found one for Arthur 
Fields, for example).  I saw an ad for Johnny Marvin, and he was 
announcing his new contract with Victor Records in August of 1927.  He 
thanked a number of folks he had recorded with, and one was Paul 
Bolognese of Grey Gull.  I know Marvin made at least one or two 
recordings for Grey Gull (as "Honey Duke and His Uke" if I'm not 
mistaken), but was Bolognese's orchestra on these records too?

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