[78-L] 78-L, FB and the Absolute Knowledge

Inigo Cubillo ice261263 at gmail.com.invalid
Fri Oct 20 04:14:09 PDT 2017

​Are ALL they in FB? Where are the Giordanos, the Mikes from Plovdiv, the
Biehls, the Rooneys, etc, etc, ...? Someone (probably Lennick) told me
everybody has switched to FB.

I've been also tempted, and opened a FB account too. I applied for entering
to the 78rpm groups, was authorized by Biehl or some other colleague, and
eventually subscribed.

But I got tired of FB pretty soon. Each time I opened it, I found hundreds
of suggestions to "make friends" with lots of people whom I have had no
relation since many years ago. Even people whom I've never written before,
but the web knows I know them by any casualty...

I'm a bit horrified. This is not casualty at all... it is the NAWK... the
New Absolute Wisdom and Knowledge.

This thing is taking from some unknown storage depot all the e-mail
adresses I've ever written to, and sending proposals of friendship from
people rarely related to me. Kind of making you ask.. "Where is this thing
taking my information from?" "How the FB has arrived to know that I'm
remotely connected to that person?"
Every bit of info searchable for is then used. So FB proposes me friendship
with people that makes one frighten about the web... Old deleted emails
from years ago are being used, and although you deleted them, they are
stored somewhere else...!!! They know everything about us.


Inigo Cubillo
Madrid, SPAIN

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