[78-L] Triangle 11290

David Lewis uncledavelewis at hotmail.com.invalid
Wed Aug 30 09:11:32 PDT 2017

Though it has a big bite taken out of it, I picked up Triangle 11290 for discographical purposes. To wit:

Triangle 11290

A: LL 103-2 Anita Miller: Lullaby from "Ermine"

B: LL 116-2 Hugh Donovan: Ben Bolt

This would likely correspond with Puritan 11290 and Paramount 20290 which would indicate a release late in 1923/early 1924. However, I have not before encountered the "LL" prefix in a Paramount family recording before (it's not "L," as in the Wisconsin Chair-made matrices from 1929 forward.) Anyone know where these sides originated, and a date of recording?

Uncle Dave Lewis uncledavelewis at hotmail.com

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