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Darrell Lehman nickjay49 at gmail.com.invalid
Tue Jul 25 10:40:20 PDT 2017

Does anybody KNOW - is the sender supposed to receive a copy of the 
e-mail he sends?

Did anybody see this reply?


Darrell Lehman wrote:
> Is mailing from the US any better?  Contact me at nickjay49 at gmail.com 
> if you want to pursue the topic.
> DL (not be confused with, or representative of, "dl") (FUNNY FACE from 
> an illiterate computer user)
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> David Lennick wrote:
>> I have dozens of empty albums but shipping would be through the roof.
>> dl
>> On 7/25/2017 11:12 AM, Inigo Cubillo wrote:
>>> ​I usually do as Roger, but using a dry standard dust-cleaning cloth.​
>>> ​BTW. I'd need some 200​ x 10-inch albums plus other 50 x 12-inch albums to
>>> ​store
>>> my whole collection. An old project postponed time after time because of
>>> lack of album source, or
>>> ​ enormous ​
>>> c
>>> ​ost.
>>> Can any of you suggest a good source of used albums in fair condition and
>>> fair price? Time ago I tried Nauck, but he was out of albums. Years ago,
>>> Hawthornes offered to supply albums, but shipping from america costed a lot
>>> of money, and they also could supply only a few.
>>> I've also approached people in Madrid, Spain, as bookbinders and the like,
>>> but they charge some $70 per album, $50 in huge quantities.
>>> So the cost, in th sweetest of dreams. could go up to pretty $2500 or so...
>>> impossible.
>>> Finally, I decided to start making my own albums, and I've made... only
>>> two. They look nice, but are too difficult to make by hand, one by one. It
>>> would take years to complete the task. A third try is ongoing, using
>>> Nauck's Disc-o-File sleeves, simply tied together as a book, and later
>>> bound with rexine-covered cardboard covers, etc. It is a cheaper version,
>>> and could work.
>>> But a good cheap source of machine-made albums... Does that thing still
>>> exist somewhere?
>>> Regards.
>>> ​
>>> Inigo Cubillo
>>> Madrid, SPAIN
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