[78-L] how do you clean albums?

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Since none of the experts have answered, I'll chime in.  Once I get it
wrong, somebody will correct me and we'll have an open discussion with a
variety of ideas.

First, I assume from the context that you're referring to the
paper/pasteboard albums, not the discs themselves as the washing of records
has been "disc-cussed" here many, many times.

I start with a vacuum cleaner to get the loose nasty stuff like spider webs
and egg sacs.  I use those non-woven paper Baby Fresh wipes to wipe down
album covers and the paper sleeves inside and out.  (Those things were
introduced when our babies were small and they have proved useful well
beyond our kids who now have their own kids.)  They used to leave the albums
smelling a bit of baby-appropriate perfume, which was cute but faded
quickly, and truthfully, sometimes helped cover the mold in some of those
albums.  Now I use the unscented ones.  The magic to these things is they
are usually just damp enough to pick up the dirt without being too wet and
spoiling the paper/print.  Wrap it around a spatula or an old table knife to
get in the corners of the folds.  Then place an old cassette box inside the
sleeve to hold it open until you're sure it's dry.

Lots o' luck,

Rodger Holtin
Henderson, TN

For best results use Victor Needles

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I have just recieved 6 wonderful classical album sets on the italian hmv
voice del padrone label, however they have been in a garage for ever and are
very dirty!
How do you clean these albums? one page at a time? is it safe for them to be
at all damp?
they were free and are beautiful music.
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