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Is there a MARY HOWARD RECORDINGS discography online or in print ??


So far, this label is NOT in 78discography.  Tyrone - feel free to add the

listed below for the few I know of.


A couple of magazines available online provide information:

  AUDIO RECORD  February, 1948 VOL. 4, NO. 2 Published monthly by Audio
Devices, Inc.

  THE RECORD CHANGER  February 1948


Additions / corrections greatly appreciated.

Thanks!  Thomas.



Billboard Jul 26, 1947

Mary Howard Recordings Releases First 6 Sides

NEW YORK, July 19. - Mary Howard Recordings (MHR), 

newly formed diskery, has released its first

six sides, a Herman Chittison Album, and will release

a new Ethel Waters Album August 15.  Firm 

also has signed Dale Belmont, whose first two sides, 

THE SHEIK OF ARABY and TENNESSEE, will be out this week, and

Walter (Foots) Thomas, formerly of

Cab Calloway's ork, who has formed his own combo.

MHR distribution is handled thru Wesley Smith,

New York City.



Album MHR-1  Herman Chittison Trio      3-10" 78rpm

  reissued on HERMAN CHITTISON 1945-1950                    CLASSICS  1334
CD 2003

Herman Chittison (pf) ; Everett Barksdale (g) ; Bill Pemberton (bs)

MHR 101-B  Minute Waltz (Chopin Op.64, No.1)                 MHR 101

MHR-102-B  June Barcarolle (Tschaikowsky Op.37, No.6)  MHR 102

MHR-103-B  Tristesse (Chopin Op.10, No.3)                         MHR 103

MHR-104-A  Menuet (Paderewski Op.14)                             MHR 104

MHR-105-A  Anitra's Dance (Grieg: Peer Gynt Suite)           MHR 106

MHR-106-A  C Sharp Minor Waltz (Chopin Op.64, No.2)    MHR 105


Album MHR-2  Ethel Waters              3-10" 78rpm

  reissued with 5 additional tracks on 10" Lp MERCURY MG 20061

  reissued on The Chronological Ethel Waters 1946-1947,   CLASSICS 1249  CD

Reggie Beane, piano

MHR 115  Suppertime

MHR 116  Summertime (Gershwin)

MHR 117  Little Black Boy (George Whiting-J C Johnson)

MHR 107  Happiness is Just a Thing Called Joe [Happiness is a Thing Called

MHR 112  Throw the Dirt

MHR 108  A Hundred Years from Today


MERCURY MG 20051                              mid 50's

The Favorite Songs of Ethel Waters

Reginald Beane at the piano

A1 Paper Moon

A2 Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe

A Can't Help Lovin' That Man

A4 Summertime

A5 St.Lous Blues

B1 Suppertime

B2 Trav'lin' All Alone

B3 A Hundred Years from Today

B4 Sometimes I Geel Like A Motherless Child

B5 The Crucifixion

B6 Little Black Boy




Billboard Jul 26, 1947

MHR 123


  THE SHEIK OF ARABY (Snyder-Smith-Wheeler)

DALE BELMONT "The Cover Girl  Comedienne"




MHR-126  Just Like That

MHR-127  Londerry 

Walter "Foots" Thomas



Billboard Oct 4, 1947

MHR-128  I'll Hate Myself in the Morning / The Devil Sat Down and Cried

MHR-129  When Gabriel Blows His Trumpet / It's The Talk of the Town

Bill Dillard




??????  Marion Chase

Mary Howard recordings            78 rpm 12"

marion chase "welcome to my dream"& "tu ne peut past' figurer"



Southern Connecticut State Univ:

11 7/8" (78 rpm), titled "Miss Hickory." Gloria Chandler Recording, produced
by Gloria Chandler, adopted and directed by Betty Girling; Mary Howard




MARY HOWARD  H 1002 A / H 1002 B

MH 1002 A  BLUER THAN BLUE (Avon Long)

MH 1002 B  BROWN BOY (Avon Long)





NY Times, September 19, 1943


MARY HOWARD H1222/H1223/H1224               2-12"  78rpm

[from Bibliotheque National Francais]

  Bach: Italian Concerto.  Edith

Weiss-Mann, harpsichord. (Mary

Howard Recordings, two twelve-

inch records).  This Bach score is

usually heard in piano perform-

ances.  Ify you wish to hear it on 

the  instrument for which it was

written, Miss Weiss-Mann has pro-

vided a skillful and comprehending

performance.  Of course, the harp-

sichord she uses is not of Bach's

time, but it is a fair enough copy

to convey the spirit of the time.


IS Allegro 3087 from the above ????????????????????





unissued recordings of CHARLES IVES

possibly issued by COLUMBIA ??????


NEW WORLD 80642  Ives Plays Ives                         CD 2006

The Complete Recordings of Charles Ives at the Piano, 1933-1943


University of Illinois Press:

Vivian Perlis: Charles Ives Remembered An Oral History

  MARY SHIPMAN HOWARD had a recording studio for many years in

New York, known as Mary Howard Recordings, where she recorded Charles

Ives and many of the great composter, conductors, and musical lights of

the day.  Those recordings which she made in 1953 of Ives playing the

piano and occasionally singing, were known only to the Ives family and a

few others close to the Ives scene. After two years of searching for Mary

Howard, she was finally discovered close by, alive and well.  As a result of

an interview with her in Washington, Connecticut, on September 24, 1969

no only the master discs of these recordings were found in her collection,

but also a previously unknown recording of THE ACOTTS (third movement)

from the Concord, played by Ives.  These recordings are scheduled for

release by CBS Records in spring 1974.





1947 Acetate Rare Jazz Tony Cabot Mary Howard Recordings Theme/We Met Before


Barry Frank sings Charm Bracelet and other hits

1. At the Candlelight Cafe - Mary Howard Recordings 1948



NYPL Avery Claflin collection

*LT-10 7280 Sonata, violin, piano / Avery Claflin, December 5, 1954 . 1
sound disc : analog, 33 1/3 rpm, aluminum-based acetate, mono. ; 10
in.Recorded from radio program; WNYC (New York, NY).

On labels: Mary Howard recordings.

Performers: Gerard Bogardus ; Dorothy Appel.

Duration: 15:29. 



NYPL  Henry Cowell collection

*LT-10 7236 The curse and a blessing / Henry Cowell, July 22, 1949 . 1 sound
disc : analog, 78 rpm, aluminum-based acetate, mono. ; 12 in.Off air
recording from radio station WNYC (New York, NY).

On label: "Recorded by Mary Howard."

Duration: 5:06. Performers: Goldman Band ; Edwin Franko Goldman, director ;
Henry Cowell, conductor.


*LT-10 7236 The morning cometh / Henry Cowell, February 17, 1951 . 1 sound
disc : analog, 78 rpm, aluminum-based acetate, mono. ; 10 in.Recorded from
radio broadcast of the American Music Festival.

Off air recording from station WNYC (New York, NY).

On label: "Mary Howard Recording."

Duration: 3:08. 



*LT-10 7236 Schoonthree / Henry Cowell, July 8, 1945 . 1 sound disc :
analog, 78 rpm, aluminum-based acetate, mono. ; 12 in.Off air recording from
radio station WNYC (New York, NY).

On label: "Recorded by Mary Howard."

Duration: 5:06. Performers: Goldman Band ; Edwin Franko Goldman, director ;
Henry Cowell, conductor.



*LT-10 7236 Balinese nocturne / McPhee, January 28, 1947 . 1 sound disc :
analog, 78 rpm, aluminum-based acetate, mono. ; 12 in.On label: "Mary Howard

Duration: 4:44.


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