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If I remember right, it's take / mother / stamper in that order. Many times the middle letter (mother) is omitted. Looking at a couple Bessie Smith discs I pulled out, A3844 seems to omit the mother, but A3888, "Baby Won't You Please Come Home Blues" shows 3 - G - 165. (Flip side mystifies me a bit: "Oh Daddy Blues" shows 2 - BI ("bee - eye")- 170

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Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2017 13:41:44 -0500
From: "Rodger J. Holtin"
Subject: [78-L] Columbia 1-A-6 etc
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I was explaining take numbers to a novice collector the other day and got stumped on those other characters on Columbias.

In the instance above, the 1 is the take number but what are the letters?      Don't think I've ever heard those discussed.


The 6, again from the example, relates to pressing data in some way. I know that very popular records display those as high numbers, indicating lots of records pressed. Most are single digits.  My copy of Duchin's Ol Man Mose is 21 and one of the Two Black Crows I have is in the 60s and another is way over 100. What exactly do those numbers represent??  Can we infer quantities pressed from those numbers??

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