[78-L] Shure M44G vs M44-7

Inigo Cubillo ice261263 at gmail.com.invalid
Wed Apr 12 04:43:26 PDT 2017

​My brick on the wall.

I used to use a SC35C with SS78E stylus, recommended years ago by David
​Lennick (thanks again).

I managed to find two NOS SS78Es in an old record store mail-sales list
from Alabama, and I bought both. They came in original SHURE boxes, but the
styli don't look original, but custom-made replacements; carriage is light
green with the word SHURE written in plain capitals at the front, but not
the old Shure bright green I saw in the old catalogues nor the Shure word
written in the original style.Besides that, one of the styli was truly a
2.7mil elyptical (fortunately) but the other contained an original Shure LP
stylus, instead of the 78 one.

I used that for years, until the stylus worn out.

Last year I acquired a custom made 2.5 conical stylus from a place in UK,
but made for use on a Stanton 500-II AL cartridge (they didn't make the
Shure carriage). So I switched to the Stanton... and I've found the sound
much warmer. When testing again the Shure for comparison, I find it sounds
a bit shrill to my ears when compared with the Stanton.

Dunno which of them is altering the flat response, but they sound
definitely different.

BTW, not being an expert in styli sizing, I've found the 2.5 conical works
fairly well with most records, except those with a frankly wider groove
(old electric Victors, old HMVs, etc.) where the lateral sliding of the
stylus and non-perfect contact with the groove walls impairs the overall
sound by loss of clarity.

Best wishes,


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