[78-L] Kurt Nauck website problems

Kurt Nauck nauck at 78rpm.com.invalid
Sat Mar 18 22:43:33 PDT 2017

Try it now, Ron, should be working correctly. Funny how these things 
always seem to crop up when I leave town!

Typing from Oregon on an extended buying trip down the west coast and 
across the southwest....

At 08:40 AM 3/18/2017, Ron wrote:

>Anyone else getting this response from the "resources" tab on www.78rpm.com:
>"Your connection is not secure
>The owner of shop.78rpm.com has configured their website improperly. To
>protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to
>this website.
>Learn more.
>Report errors like this to help Mozilla identify and block malicious sites"
>Ron Roscoe
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