[78-L] OT Marx Brothers 78's film and TV

Thomas Stern sternth at attglobal.net.invalid
Wed Mar 1 16:52:25 PST 2017

to bring this on topic: 

Groucho made a 78 for Young People's Records  YPR 719 The Funniest 

Song in the World, and

Decca 27748 Black Strap Molasses/How D'ye Do and Shake Hands

with Groucho, Jane Wyman, Jimmy Durante, Danny Kaye.

(78discography says Groucho March !!!)

What else ??


Did the other brothers have any 78's ??


Marx Brothers Movies:

Just became aware of a couple of recent collections of Marx Brothers

1. a remastered, restored collection of the 5 early (Paramount) films.  I
always enjoy

THE COCOANUTS (so very 20's) which has suffered greatly over time with no

original film elements.  It has been updated in a Blu-Ray edition which is

as good as we will ever see.  Animal Crackers restores footage which was

deleted in 1936.  Monkey Business, Horse Feathers, Duck Soup, lots of



2. from SHOUT FACTORY, a 3 DVD set containing many TV appearances of the

brothers.  There was a bonus 4th DVD offered to those purchasing the set
from Shout

Factory, but that is no longer available.



Best wishes, Thomas.



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