[78-L] Centennial?

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Inigo, it appears to be one of the first two variations, anyway.

If I remember correctly, the very first issues called the tune and the band
"Jass" and no references to the tune "(Introducing "That Teasin' Rag").
That came about after a lawsuit and shows only on the second and third label
variations.  The third (and final?) variation uses "Jazz" in title and band
name.  I have had all three.  Wish I had snapped pictures, but no.  I don't
know if there was a fourth that removed the quotation marks from jazz.
Maybe somebody else knows for sure.

Say what we will about Wikipedia, their coverage of the story is pretty good
unless you choke on all that damcrap about chart positions.  It pictures the
first and second label variants.

Were any of these issued in Europe?  My old copy of Rust doesn't show any
but the Columbia as being issued in England.  True?


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My copy of 18255 is then a first issue? It says 'jass' on the label... Is
this a feature of first issues only?


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