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Flahooley! was issued as a 6-record box set on Capitol as Album DF-284 in 1951.  I sold it a couple of years ago but I found the template with the information.  “The Springtime Cometh" is on the 6th record in the set.  I still have a scan of the first record and Corey’s name is on it along with the rest of the cast but I can’t send an attachment to the list.  I can send the scan to anyone who wants to see it.

Roger Wade
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> On Feb 7, 2017, at 12:36 PM, kil at roadrunner.com.invalid wrote:
> Corey sang THE SPRINGTIME COMETH in that show.
> It did get released on the Original Cast LP.
> It may have made it to the 78 version if it was a very thick album.
> RayK
> ---- David Lennick wrote: 
>> IRWIN COREY has died at a mere 102 years of age. If he's audible anywhere on 
>> the Flahooley cast album, then hey..he recorded at 78RPM!

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