[78-L] Doodles Weaver Signed Record Sleeve

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Mon Dec 12 09:40:04 PST 2016

 Yesterday, I was looking through a box of records I've had for years and discovered a record sleeve with signatures of Doodles Weaver, 7'7" Jr. Martin, Gloria Gardner, and Frankie Little.  I know who Doodles Weaver is, but the rest of the names I am unfamiliar with and cannot find online.I did find a signed Doodles Weaver photo on Ebay (Doodles Weaver Autograph on Ebay) to Junior Martin stating "We certainly had a great tour together".  A clue, but not much help identifying who the other names are.  Can anybody help me figure out who these folks are?
Signed Record Sleeve

Thanks!  Cliff

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