[78-L] Richard Lagerman RIP

Ron L'Herault lherault at verizon.net.invalid
Sat Dec 3 20:45:04 PST 2016

Since no one else has posted this, I thought I should.  Richard Lagerman
passed away early this week. Obit is here:

  I don't think he participated on the 78 list though.   I met Richard
through the late Ed Reynolds of Harrison Records fame.  Man oh man did these
two know their hot dance and jazz 78s.  I miss Ed immensely and now Dick is
gone.   Ed used to schedule listening sessions when Dick was going to be
there for a week end visit.  They'd go "junking" on the week end and 3 or
four of us from the Attleboro area would go up on the Saturday night for
four or so hours of recording heaven.  

  I did get to see Richard at the Mechanical Music Extravaganza in Wayne NJ
this past October, thankfully.  Dick had a Thursday evening radio show on
WRDV, the  Original Band Box. I'm sure many of the records he found there
wound up on subsequent shows.  Don't know what it's fate will be.  I'm so

Ron L

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