[78-L] About record sleeves

Inigo Cubillo ice261263 at gmail.com.invalid
Sat Nov 26 09:46:48 PST 2016

Elodie and Tom,
Surely you'll find the articles very interesting, as are all the articles
in FTR. Overall I find this publication very interesting and entertaining
for us 78 hobbyists.
Tom, in my collection I have two nice sleeves from Sinfonia, 68 Champs
Elysees, 10 and 12 inches. Here on Spain, native French records are easily
found, not to say the many others that were indeed issued and pressed also
here (Piaf, Trenet, Rossi, Patachou, Boyer, etc).
Pity what they did in Spain with the Trenets and Piafs of late forties, and
with all the HMV products in general, for Spanish Gramofono-Odeon reissues
​ in that era (many Roberto Inglez Savoy Hotel orchestra british
Parlophones too)​
. The original matrices had a very good and strong sound (as may be seen on
the original French
​or British ​
Columbias) which sounded very well. But fors
​panish pressings, EMI Barcelonadubbed almost all of them, with disastrous
results, lack of brilliance and fidelity, shortened freq range, and in
general they are impossible to equalize properly. I don't know if they
judged the sound too strong for the Spanish acoustic reproducers, or if was
that they didn't had access to the original mothers for repressing.​


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