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Mon Nov 21 14:15:04 PST 2016

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Inigo Cubillo wrote:

> ...So for instance I try mid-30s Victors with either 300 or 500 turnover, and some sound good with 300,
> others with 400 or 500. So recording engineers were not fully regular in their EQ choices for recording.

The ones with 300 or 400 Hz bass turnovers are most likely of UK (HMV) origin. The spectrum analyses on those make it quite clear. When one judges solely by ear, one can be fooled. But if it sounds good to you, then it's cool.

> ...When the independent C matrix series was started in '35, they seem to use EQ similar to the US
> Columbia (400-500 turnover with -10/-12dB @ 10 kHz roll-off). ...

I find NO evidence of a treble boost (requiring a roll-off on playback) on ANY prewar Columbia commercial 78, or on a number of *postwar* ones as well! To make matters worse, from 1939 on, Columbia 78s are dubbed from 33-1/3 rpm safeties so are second-generation recordings.

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