[78-L] Glen Miller was: Kay Starr - R.I.P personal remininces of a 1960 born child who loves swing

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Julian and everyone at 78L
2016 has been a most difficult year for me, regarding coming into grasp abot the end of the era of music and generation I love (basically the WW2 era). 
   Even though i was born in 1960, Glenn Miller is my Beatles, it is the music that invokes nostalgia of my youth (even if it really was my parents youth). Miller (and Armstrong's hit of Hello Dolly) were the stepping stones to jazz for me - I abhorred the sound of rock as a kid, and to this day, never needed it in my life (I prefer Coltrane or the rumba bands from Cuba or Congo for my more modern popular music), I saw Miller as a great poplar music institution, who could play good swing jazz (Long Tall Mama, Ida, My Blue Heaven or Boulder Buff being some personal favourites of mine), and respectful pop music (though his taste for vocalists singing on the top of their range was irritating IMO).   With Starr leaving, and the very personal passing of my mother (whose biggest non classical musical thrill in her life was dancing to the Glenn Miller Orchestra shortly after Miller passed in Tunis) and my aunt being no longer able to live independently, I feel the era of music I love most and LIVE for (1917 to say 1960, the year I was born) has really come to an end. It is collectors and musicians influenced by the earlier era that I can still speak about this music to, but there really are no musicians who are at the bandstand of a local watering hole are there who played with Ellington, Basie, Erskine Hawkins, Hines, Goodman or Miller from those glorious days (I mean Franz Jackson was still playing in 2007, I recorded with him, only 9 years ago)
   Time changes - and I will miss Starr's superb vocals on many recordings (one of the few pop vocalists I can stomach) - even the top 40 hitsThanks for letting me personal hereYves Francois

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> Very sad, I love Starr's jazz/blues singing, and her record of Baby Me with Glenn Miller is a lifetime favourite of mine
The only Miller alumnus left is Ray Anthony.

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