[78-L] who made it?

Malcolm malcolm at 78data.com.invalid
Mon Nov 7 09:29:47 PST 2016

Yesterday I was watching the 1973 film, "Badlands" starring Charlie 
Sheen and Cissy Spacek, when about 20 minutes in our hero makes a record 
in an instantaneous recording booth and it shows him selecting the 
speed. There are two recording speeds - 78 and 45rpm. That surprised me. 
I remember the booths from Coney Island when I was a kid, but not that 
you got to choose the recording speed. Who made these machines?
You can find the scene I'm speaking of on YouTube, but it might not show 
the full screen.
Here's the trailer with a clearer picture (at 1:10 in):
You'll have to find the release version to see the entire one minute clip.

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