[78-L] Help with HMV junior table model

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There's a chance motor parts would be the same in the US as across the pond, in which case I'd say to contact George Vollema at Great Lakes Antique Phonographs.   Be ready to include good pictures of the motor.   Alternatively, do a google search for antique phonograph repair/parts in England and see who you come up with.  Some have web pages.

Ron L

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Subject: [78-L] Help with HMV junior table model

I need certain parts to restore an HMV junior, do you know who could supply them?

It is the old small tabletop model with no lid, exposed turntable, two front doors, the one spring motor placed in the middle of the horn, the exhibition junior soundbox, etc.

Chiefly I need some motor parts (related to speed regulation) plus the front grille behind the doors.

Don't know if victor parts for the equivalent model would fit, in case HMV original parts were not s available...

If any of colleagues can address me to the men for supplying these parts, out would be nice.

Thanks to all!

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