[78-L] No longer waitin'

Inigo Cubillo ice261263 at gmail.com.invalid
Tue Sep 6 14:01:31 PDT 2016

Abrams-Settlemier online discog says


and it could have been taken from Rust. Let's check...

Rust ADBD lists this matrix also, same data but w/o take number, under Hal
Kemp, and mentions no pseudonym. Adds NY as recording location. Formation
for early 1928 is given as:

Hal Kemp cl-as-v-dir, Bob Mayhew-Earl Geiger-t, Wendell "Gus" Mayhew-tb-v,
Jack Mayhew-cl-as, Ben Williams-cl-as-bar, Saxie Dowell-cl-ts-v, Bromo
Sulser-vn, John Scott Trotter-p-a, Olly Humphries-bj, Jim Mullen-bb, Skinny

BTW. Listening (since a boy) to late 30s-early 40s Bing Crosby songs
accompanied by J S Trotter orch, I marveled specially at those with the
soft windy "wooden sound" arrangements, these sounds always (since 35 years
ago) astonished me. Is it possible so a beautiful, original sound and
clever arrangements?
Later in years I knew of Kemp, and acquired some records of his orchestra
(1940-41 Victors) and THERE WAS that soft windy wooden sound again! At the
beginning, although it rang a bell, I couldn't relate the Kemp sound to the
old cherished Crosby songs. I gave all the merit of the sound to Kemp.
Lately I learned and understood, JST arranger was involved in both cases.
No doubt; these original wind arrangements are JST work, and he has all the


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