[78-L] Nipper trademark

David Breneman dbreneman at t-online.de.invalid
Thu Sep 1 12:41:43 PDT 2016

Von: "Rodger Holtin 78-L" <rjh334578 at gmail.com.invalid>

> The question of a Columbia as a poor substitute for a Victor in the 
> Florence Foster Jenkins film brought up the use of the Nipper 
> trademark. Is the trademark like a copyright or patent which expire
> after X number of years?

A trademark is good as long as the company or person that owns
it protects it.  In the practical sense, protecting means using it in
trade, keeping it registered, making sure (in the case of a word like
"Kleenex") it doesn't fall into generic use, and prosecuting others who
might attempt to usurp it (such as by selling logoed merchandise).
So a trademark lasts indefinitely, unlike a patent or copyright.  

An interesting case of using a trademark in trade to protect it is the
word "Standard" as applied to gas stations.  Chevron, the former
Standard Oil Company of California, still operates a handful of
Standard Stations (as opposed to Chevron Dealers) to protect the
Standard trademark.  I've got one of the signs from a defunct one,
which was near the Palm Springs airport, in my garage.  It looks 
just like a Chevron logo from the late 70s, but says "Standard"
across the top.

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