[78-L] Columbia A1608 - Old Comrades March

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Here's a picture of the record's B-side:
(click: "more images")

"Columbia Band", "Columbia Orchestra", "Columbia Quartette" were names 
of studio orchestras sometimes renamed as The Imperial Guards Band, The 
Burlington Orchestra or The Granville Quartette etc. Some of these 
recordings are listed here
being re-released in the 1910's on British Columbia's subsidiary label 
Phoenix, who also used the X-prefix as control number covering the 
original Columbia mx numbers, like the 00095-1 for "Old Comrades".
Seems like the 1914 US reissue, instead of using Columbia's original 
00095 mx number, used the Phoenix control number as mx number. (The 
Phoenix label numbers had an O-prefix).

Anyway, it's pretty sure that "Old Comrades" was an original US 
recording on Columbia - there are lot of other US recordings listed here 
with similar mx-numbers:
all of the from 1900-1904.
Question is if the recording was issued on Columbia or some other label 
before the reissue in 1914.

On 2016-08-09 21:33, zimrec at juno.com wrote:
> Having turned up a copy of Columbia A1608, I am curious to know the 
> source of the master of Old Comrades March. Mx number is X-95. 
> Composer's name on label is misspelled as Tirke. It is Carl Tieke. Old 
> Comrades - Alte Komeraden in the original German - is Tieke's most 
> famous composition, still played today by concert and marching bands. 
> As the recording is not listed in the DAHR database, I expect that it 
> is an imported master.Art Zimmerman 
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