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Lyric announced in November 1919 their records will now be lateral cut and this record was in that announcement.  Presumably, then, it was recorded earlier than November.  So perhaps October.  My guess is that these are Lyric masters as it fits their pattern of numbers.   I can't say whether they are unique though.  It's possible they showed up later on other labels after Lyraphone's demise.
5601 was a Golden & Hughes record announced at the same time.

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> I turned up a copy of Lyric 5602 - Monroe Silver - Cohen on His Honeymoon / Cohen on Prohibition. Silver's ubiquitous Cohen routines appear on many labels, often with varying versions of the same monologue on different labels.  I was hoping to find an approximate recording date for the Lyric 78, but the label is not listed in 78discography.com. After consulting the Monroe Silver discography on honkingduck.com, where the Lyric issue is also omitted, I notice that the routines are split on consecutively numbered discs on Banner 2050 & 2051, and Silvertone 2103 & 2104. The matrices on the Lyric are 12081-2 and 12082-2, respectively. Two questions: Are the recordings on Lyric unique or do those mxs appear on another label?  Is there an online listing of Lyric label issues? Art

The Abrams Files include a label file for Lyric, but it is incomplete and 5602 is unfortunately not listed. From nearby matrix numbers we might infer a very approximate recording date of late 1919 or perhaps early 1920. Matrices 12051 (Lyric 4210) and 12053 (Lyric 4212) are shown as circa November 1919, though intervening matrix 12052 (Lyric 4202) is shown as circa October 1919.

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