[78-L] CD details required

Doug Pomeroy audiofixer at verizon.net.invalid
Tue May 24 12:52:20 PDT 2016

Hi Richard,

I just now noticed that you want the Memphis Stompers recordings.

Years ago (1995) I did some engineering work on a CD titled Snooks
and His Memphis Stompers for a short-lived label called Parklane.

It has 24 titles.  The sound is pretty good.  
I could send you the music files.

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> It's very annoying, as I really wanted the memphis stompers recordings
> on that label.
> Anyone else put those out?
> On 5/23/16, David Weiner <djwein at earthlink.net.invalid> wrote:
>> Uniformly terrible sound - all overprocessed and digital artifacts
>> everywhere. Stay away!
>> Dave Weiner

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