[78-L] Clifford Vaughan Ensemble - Co-Art label

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca.invalid
Mon May 16 14:29:32 PDT 2016

I've had at least one other CoArt disc with Arthur Lange credited.

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> Subject: [78-L] Clifford Vaughan Ensemble - Co-Art label
> I turned up two 78s on the Co-Art label, based in Hollywood.  They are apparently from a larger set of discs of a composition titled Oriental Translations by the Vaughan Ensemble.  The sides of the discs have mx numbers on labels but the discs have no individual catalog numbers.  Each side has a movement from the composition with labels listing full personnel. It appears that the Co-Art recordings may be those reissued on Cambria CD 1041 which contains a composition listed as Oriental Translations for Denishawn - The Vaughan Ensemble conducted by the Composer (1940).  I won't bother listing full details of the Co-Art discs here, but wonder if anyone has discs that I lack.  Also, the labels of the 78s say Recorded by Arthur Lange.  Would that be the same Lange who recorded a large number of titles on Cameo in the 1920s? ACA 133 - V. Hindu TempleACA 134 - VI. Hindu NautchACA 135 - II. Singhalese Anklet DanceACA 136 - IV. Chinese Theatre Art
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