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Hi Steven,
  Thanks for your input!

I looked at DISCOGS, they list 2 IRMS albums, both of Mozart symphonies Otto
Ackerman, draws from Concert Hall.
They also are plain jackets with a sticker giving the composer, work,
performer credits only.  Catalog numbers
follow the number of the source of the recording.
With the 2 A440 albums, this leads me to *GUESS* that IRMS may have bought
up unsold pressings, printed
album labels and sold them cheaply - PURE SPECULATION.  There used to be a
record seller in one of the
NYC subway stations who sold a lot of classical (and some other) LPs at
bargain price - lots of Concert Hall, MMS, 
Chamber Music Society material.
Would like to see more examples of IRMS issues, and would like to see if the
A440 sourced albums had A440 jackets?????

Anyone have additional info about the A440 pop/jazz series ????


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This either was or became Concert Hall.  Or so my memory tells me.

Steve Smolian

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Can someone provide information about A-440 Records - below is the
information I've gathered.


Who was Norman Weiland - what other ventures ???


What was the disposition of A-440, a couple of items went to HERITAGE - did
all ??

What is the current ownership of A440 and Heritage ??


Some of the A-440 releases have A440 disc labels, but the jacket is

"International Recorded Music Society."  Were there also A440 jackets for

Were other A440 releases also issued by IRMS, or other imprints ??

What was the relationship between IRMS and A440 ??


The classical series catalog numbers were sometimes 12xx, other times 12-xx.
Any explanation ?

Did any appear BOTH ways ??


Any classical releases above 1208 ??


Any information about the missing pop/jazz releases ???



Best wishes, Thomas.


Billboard Jan 26, 1952

  A-440 Records is now sending

0ut its first disk, "Mass for

Parishoners" by Couperin, and

has set a recording of songs by

Kurt Weill as its second venture.

Norman Weiland runs the company.


Billboard Aug 4, 1956


Wilbur de Paris Jazz Band; Wilbur de

Paris, trombone; Sidney de Paris, trumpet;

Omer Simeon, clarinet; Eddie Gibbs, banjo;

Don Kirkpatrick, piano; Zutty Singleton, 

drums; Nat Woodley, bass (1-12")


  All but two of the numbers here were

  included in an earlier 10-inch LP on

  A-440 label. There are seven Dixie

  standards in all, in de Paris' "modern-

  ized" New Orleans idiom, which en

  joys steady, healthy sale in his more

  recent Atlantic LP's.  Solos are fairly 

  inspired, and particularly notable is

  the strong beat sustained by the pio-

  neer N.O. drummer, Singleton. Lis-

  tenable package, with display-worthy

  cover, which will aid selling.



A 440 RECORDS, 180 Broadway, N.Y. 38 N.Y.  A Division of Crown Associates.


A440 Classical releases



AC 1201               [jacket: International Recorded Music Society]
LP, insert

KABALEVSKY: Symphony No.2 in C minor, Op.19 [cond Nikolai Anosov]

BALAKIREV: King Lear Overture                               [cond: Leo

State Radio Orchestra of the USSR


AC 1202

BEETHOVEN: 32 Variations in G minor

TCHAIKOWSKY: Trio in A minor

Emil Gilels, piano

Leonid Kogan, violin

Mistislav Rostropovich, cello


LP 1953


Reginald Boardman, piano

[reissued 1956 HERITAGE LP-SS-1204  An Evening with Roland Hayes]


AC 1204
LP 1953

TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony No.2 "Little Russian"

   Bolshoi Symphony Orchestra/Nathan Rachlin

LIADOV: Eight Russian Folk Songs

  Youth Symphony Orchestra of the Moscow Philharmonic/Kiril Kondrashin

notes by Hans Moldauer



COUPERIN: Messe à l'usage ordinaire des paroisses

William A. Austen, organ of the Sage Chapel, Cornell University, Ithaca, N.

Program notes by Donald Mintz


AC 1206   [jacket: International Recorded Music Society]

GLIERE: Solemn Overture or the 20th Anniversary of the October Revolution 

                  [Triumphal overture, Op.72]  (Cond: Aleksandr Gauk)

               Symphony No.1 in E flat Major, Op.8  (Cond: Gliere)

MURAVLEV: Azov Mountain (Cond: S.Gorchakov)

State Radio Orchestra of the USSR


AC 1207

HANDEL: Six Fugues

                  Fantasie in C

                  Trio in A minor

                  Chaconne in F

PURCELL: Four Voluntaries

William Austin at the organ of the Sage Chapel, Cornell University, Ithaca



AC 1208                                                       LP 1954

TANEYEV: Symphony No.4 in C minor, Op.12

                 Overture on Russian Themes, Op.28

State Radio Orchestra of the USSR/Gauk/Kovalev

notes by Hans Moldauer



A440 pop/jazz releases  10-inch Lp



AP 501  Larry Wagner Conducts

502 ???

AP-503  Wilbur de Paris - New NEW ORLEANS JAZZ           1953

504 ???

AJ 505  Dotty Denny plays
Edgar Sampson

AP 506  Dorothy Denny - Dotty Digs the Duke              1954


10-7 ???  Memorable music from the shows of Kurt Weill - Jack Banan



AMM-1001  Les Banan plays memorable music of Victor Herbert arranged for
Hammond Organ




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