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For your information, a crowdfunding campaign was launched to save Paris'
fantastic Phono Museum.
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Greetings from France,

Some of you might know the Phonogalerie, the store Jalal Aro opened in
Paris in 2004. In 2014, with the support of volunteers, he created a museum
dedicated to the history of recorded sound. The Phono Museum Paris (
https://www.facebook.com/phonomuseum.paris) showcases more than 250 items,
covering the full history of the talking machine. Its collection features
such unique items as the Edison Tinfoil, the first Emile Berliner K&R
Gramophone, some Lioretgraphs and Bettinis. Other highlights include an
original painting of the famous « His Master's Voice » by Francis Barraud.

Despite the support and work of volunteers, the museum cannot survive on
admission fees alone. A request for funding has been made to the City of
Paris but no answers have been received yet,  leaving the association in a
financial predicament, which will soon cause the museum to cause in the
near future.

In order to save the museum, we have launched a crowdfunding campaign on
French platform Ulule. The project has been set up in collaboration with
Archeophone's creator Henri Chamoux and collector Thomas Henry (aka Ceints
de Bakélite).

This is the moment of truth for the Phono Museum, which is why we are
counting on your support in order to insure its survival.

As a thank you for your support and a token of appreciation, we offer the
possibility of recording your own voice on tinfoil or a wax cylinder and
keeping the recording. An individual recording booth - to be installed in
the second half of 2016 - will allow you to record whatever you like and
leave with a record of your own!

We will also allow you to sponsor one of the artifacts displayed in the
Phono Museum, whether it be a talking machine, painting, poster, or other
items. Your name will appear on the descriptive note of the chosen item.

Another way to help us - and at no cost at all - is to spread the word
about us.

Many thanks for your support !


Nelson Mandela on floppy cylinders or the digitization of the Rivonia trial
with the archeophone :

The Dictabelt, a recording medium of the 1950's :

The Phonobase, 10000 early French cylinders and records online :

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