[78-L] California Ramblers Edison mystery

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Wow.  Thank you for posting these!  I've spent the evening listening to
them.  Fascinating glimpse into the evolution of a hot jazz tune in the
hands of masters of the craft.  All good, the Edisons, being latest, I
suppose, turned out the best, most polished performances, proving Dave's
point that the stuff on other labels would not have indicated such precision
renderings, but here they are.

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Here are versions by the Goofus Five and Varsity 8:

G5: https://app.box.com/s/edlqkkkgh20vdupizu721vupm4jlxhaf
V8: https://app.box.com/s/q8cqx3bn0a8hi6dvajc9n4ovnesorvmq

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>I really appreciate all you guys jumping in on this one.  Sure learned 
>a lot.
>I thought I had heard/read that Edison usually deliberately issued all 
>three takes, possibly so stampers would not wear out.  In spite of how 
>uncommon Edison jazz records are, looks like they all got issued for 
>this one - and turned up in the hands of collectors who could/would 
>share them - and possibly a fourth, depending on the source of the 
>Biograph.  I admit I can't tell.
>We learned that the California Ramblers really were a polished, precise 
>performance group and that it is more than possible, indeed likely, 
>that some of the hot jazz soloists polished their solos from time to time.
>We learned that Sweet Man was more than a one-of tune for the 
>California Ramblers since it turned up on more labels other than 
>Edison.  (I was going by Rust's 1972 list of California Ramblers/Golden 
>Gate.)  I had seen those other band names listed in Abrams, but I'm not 
>up on my Kirkeby-Lanin-Mills house names like some of you guys are.  And
I'd love to hear all those, too!
>And, finally, I suppose, I learned that they could turn out first rate 
>jazz even without big names like Nichols and Dorsey, who apparently had 
>vacated before this was cut.  This record remains a favorite, and maybe 
>moved up a few points as a result of intense listening.
>For best results use Victor Needles
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>Here's what I believe are takes A and B of Sweet Man by the Golden Gate
>A: https://app.box.com/s/2umji5qpivga1wijc3cei0aovktywwcc
>B: https://app.box.com/s/4s7afsg2fcywtezts43epyoq46rc3hqz
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