[78-L] Playing reels backwards -PS

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca.invalid
Mon Feb 8 11:06:02 PST 2016

"Tired of laboriously re-recording dual vocal tracks, John Lennon asked [Ken] Townsend if there was some way for the Beatles to get the sound of double-tracked vocals without doing the work. Townsend devised Artificial Double Tracking or ADT. According to historian Mark Lewisohn, it was Lennon who first called the technique "flanging". Lennon asked George Martin to explain how ADT worked, and Martin answered with the nonsense explanation "Now listen, it's very simple. We take the original image and we split it through a double vibrocated sploshing flange with double negative feedback".[3] Lennon thought Martin was joking. Martin replied, "Well, let's flange it again and see". From that point, when Lennon wanted ADT he would ask for his voice to be flanged, or call out for "Ken's flanger". 

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