[78-L] Strange record

DAVID BURNHAM burnhamd at rogers.com.invalid
Sat Feb 6 22:30:21 PST 2016

I've come across a strange record - at least a record with a strange label.  It looks like an RCA 45rpm single, but the label says "RCA Melvin"; instead of the Nipper picture, it has a picture of a little old man squatted like a dog in front of a Gramophone with a dog peering out of the horn, beside that it says "His Pet's Voice".  Instead of the normal speed indication at the 9 o'clock position, it says "Speed Limit 45" and on the other side in the 3 o'clock position, "Music to Drag Race by".  The title says, "The Little Dutch Mill on Blueberry Hill near the Hollywood Freeway Blues"; the artist says "Fats" Domino with the NBC Symphony Orchestra.  Around the bottom rim it says "RCA Melvin - "His Pet's Voice" - Man and Dog Trade Mark - Everything is Copyrighted, so don't fool around!"  There is no matrix number or record number indicated on the label.
Naturally, I was anxious to hear this thing, but when I played it, it's just a recording of Eddie Fisher singing "Cindy".  I sort of expected this because the only matrix number in the run-out spiral is a normal RCA number.  The other side of the record has a regular RCA Label and is a recording of Eddie Fisher singing "Around the World".
Anyone know what this might be?

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