[78-L] Voices From the Past

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca.invalid
Tue Jan 26 15:09:34 PST 2016

I'm sure they were sold..picked up quite a few of them as clearance items in the early 60s at Sam (Sniderman's) so they were old stock. Seem similar to material issued in the early 50s by Audio Archives.

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> Subject: [78-L] Voices From the Past
> My Fellow Collectors,
> I have just recently acquired some odd little records, the series is 
> called Voice From the Past and the record label is Rare Records. What an 
> original name, right? Address is 303 Fourth Avenue, NYC.
> They are vinyl LPs, 7" single face, paper sleeves. They feature brief 
> spoken recordings by the likes of Bryant, Roosevelt, Valentino, 
> Bernhardt, Shaw, Dressler, Pickford, Arliss, Lauder, Tanguey, Patti, 
> Barnum, and many others. About 60 total different voices according to 
> the catalog printed on the back. Some of the names I have never heard 
> of, but most of the recordings don't seem as tho they would be too 
> strange among this crowd.
> So I'm wondering if these were an advertising giveaway? If not, then 
> what? Did someone actually expect to make money selling these things?
> -- 
> Joe Salerno
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