[78-L] AFRS Sing Along with the Stars series

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Sun Jan 10 13:51:42 PST 2016

I've been away from 78-L for quite awhile so it's possible that I may have missed any discussion of the AFRS series Sing Along with the Stars.  IS there, anywhere, a listing of the series?  The V-Disc Discography by Richard Sears mentions some of the discs under Bing Crosby, but seems to have the album / disc numbers incorrect in some cases.Someone has posted on YouTube Album 1 - parts 1 & 2  (VP 1254 & VP 1255) and I have photocopies of the labels for parts 3 & 4 (VP 1256 & VP 1257), all Bing Crosby.  A ebay seller has listed a disc which must couple parts 7 & 8, showing only the label for part 8 (VP 1259) - Eddie Cantor.  See item number 371398329036.What else is in album 1, how many discs were in each album and how many albums were there?Art
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