[78-L] Folkways JAZZ V.6 Chicago No.2 - Does anyone have the ORIGINAL ????

Thomas Stern sternth at attglobal.net.invalid
Thu Dec 31 10:25:06 PST 2015



The ALTERNATE compilation was issued in all 3 jacket designs, but I have, so
far, not

seen the original.

Does anyone know if the ORIGINAL program for JAZZ Vol.6 was actually issued

Does anyone have a copy ??


The original would have the following tracks:

A1 Sweet Lovin' Man              King Oliver Creole Jazz Band

A2 Sweet Lovin' Man              New Orleans Rhythm Kings

A3 Jazz Me Blues                  Wolverine Orchestra

A4 Sister Kate                    Charles Pierce and His Orchestra

A5 BULL FROG BLUES                Charles Pierce and His Orchestra

A6 CHINA BOY                      Charles Pierce and His Orchestra

A7 NOBODY'S SWEETHEART            Charles Pierce and His Orchestra

B1 LAUGHING AT YOU                Bud Jacobson's Jungle Kings

B2 Margie                        Bix Beiderbecke and His Gang

B3 Jazz Me Blues                  Frank Teschemacher's Chicagoans

B4 Sugar                          McKenzie-Condon's Chicagoans

B5 China Boy                      McKenzie-Condon's Chicagoans

B6 Nobody's Sweetheart            McKenzie-Condon's Chicagoans

B7 There'll Be Some Changes Made  McKenzie-Condon's Chicagoans


The ALTERNATE issue replaces four tracks (A5,A6,A7,B1) with:

A5 Everybody Loves My Baby The    Stomp Six  

A6 Tennessee Twilight             Chicago Rhythm Kings 

A7 Maple Leaf Rag                 Paul Mares and His Friar's Society

B1 Somebody Stole My Gal          Bix Beiderbecke and His Gang 


If you have the original, in addition to confirming it was actually issued,
I would like to obtain a scan or photocopy of the original booklet.



Best wishes, Thomas.

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