[78-L] Folkways Footnotes to Jazz series - questions

Thomas Stern sternth at attglobal.net.invalid
Thu Dec 31 10:08:13 PST 2015

Folkways Footnotes to Jazz series:

v. 1. Baby Dodds talking and drum solos --
FJ 2290  FP 30
v. 2. Jazz rehearsal, II, with Art Tatum Trio --
FJ 2292  FP 33
v. 3. Jazz rehearsal, I, with Mary Lou Williams and Hylton Jefferson    FJ
2293  FP 32


Can anyone supply details of 10" Folkways FP 31 ????

I've seen a reference to this as "ANATOMY OF A JAZZ COMPOSITION"  Footnotes
to Jazz Vol.2.

This title is not found in Worldcat, nor at the Smithsonian Folkways site.



Happy New Year!



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