[78-L] Record Research Members

Robert J. Lang bobhope at ieee.org.invalid
Tue Dec 1 14:30:23 PST 2015

To All,

Art Zimmerman is trying to contact everyone who was a member of 
Record Research in the last years of it's activity (1995-1996).  He 
is missing addresses for a number of people (listed below).  If 
anyone has contact information for these people, Art would appreciate 
it if you could either provide it to Art, or have the person contact 
Art at zimrecords at msn.com.

Here's the list, with teir last known locations ---
Bill Amutis                         Centereach        NY
Peter Bodge                      Newburyport    MA
Timothy Brooks                Greenwich         CT
Frank Camarda                 New York            NY
Aram Friedman                New York            NY
George Irey                        Ocala                   FL
Thomas Jackrell                Belleville              NJ
Joe Judice                           New York            NY
John Lissner                       New York            NY
John Metcalf                     New York            NY
Alvin Milton                       Lakewood           NJ
Chris Moreton                  Scarsdale             NY
Herman Paikoff                Binghamton       NY
Robert Parness                Brooklyn              NY
Bill Piccone                       Philadelphia       PA
David Reiss                       Seaford                NY
Howard Stewart              Barnstable          MA
Michael Strada                Bronx                    NY

Thanks for your help ---

Bob L

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