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Thanks to your question I stumbled upon this British jazz magazine 
archive: a lot of old issues to read in full.

On 2015-11-29 17:17, Ray Kilcoyne wrote:
> Thanks Kristjan, Nice find. It was their pictures that made me 
> suspicious. Mary, especially, does not seem related to the other two. 
> Also, not a high likelihood of a Marie and a Mary in the same house. 
> Too confusing. Marie and Molly remains a possibility. Looks like I'll 
> have to settle for the "mystery" explanation. RayK
> From: Kristjan Saag Marie, Mary and Molly. These three girls sang with 
> Henry Hall from January 1936 until summer 1937, when Molly & Marie 
> formed a duo with that name and Mary Ashworth reformed The Three 
> Sisters with two members of The Rhythm Sisters (Kay Munro Smith and 
> Mavis Edwards) who had been working with Sam Browne and Ambrose. The 
> break-up probably had to do with Henry Hall terminating his job with 
> the BBC Dance Orchestra and going on tour for nearly two years. Mary 
> Ashworth also recorded two titles in a duo with Stan Bowsher during 
> the Hall period. Neither Mary Ashworth or Molly & Marie or The Three 
> Sisters appear in Rust/ Forbes "British Dance Bands On Record" after 
> April 1937. Whether they were real sisters or not remains a mystery - 
> they seemed to have avoided using their surnames. Even Peter Cliffe, 
> author of the extremely well researched "Fascinating Rhythm" (a book 
> about British dance music from the 1920's and 30's, only know them 
> from their first names.) See this clip from Dance Band Diary, August 
> 1937: 
> http://archive.nationaljazzarchive.co.uk/archive/journals/the-dance-band-diaries/volume-8-1937/52035#prettyPhoto/0/ 
> Here's a youtube "video" with Henry Hall and the sisters - with a few 
> photos of them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNtBiV110tU Kristjan 
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