[78-L] Pete Woolery

Kristjan Saag saag at telia.com.invalid
Wed Nov 18 14:54:21 PST 2015

It seems Pete Woolery went into music publishing business after his 
recording career.
In 1935 he still led his own orchestra in a radio broadcast on New York 
AM station WABC (not he WABC of today - an entirely different station), 
the year after he married another radio vocalist, WCAU's (Philadelphia) 
Helen Barrett. And there's mention of him in Billboard from the early 
1940's on as a song plugger for different New York and Philadelphia 
publishing companies. See:


Odd information is provided here, where Pete Woolery is said to have 
been a pseudonym and a half brother of..Igor Stravinsky!

I find it unlikely that any of Stravinsky's three brothers - the 
youngest, Guri, being born in 1884 - could have been a successful young 
tenor in the late 1920's.

Good luck with further investigation!

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