[78-L] Mildred Bailey WAS Last recording.

David Weiner djwein at earthlink.net.invalid
Mon Nov 16 12:14:56 PST 2015

>Here are the recording details on the Majestics:

>>Mildred Bailey (vcl) acc by Dick Vance (tp) Henderson Chambers (tb) Hank
>>D'Amico (cl) Emmett Carls (ts) Red Norvo (vib) Ellis Larkins (p) Billy
>>Taylor (b) J.C. Heard (d)
>> 	New York, December 19, 1945
>>BL10	The man I love 	Crown 105, Monmouth Evergreen MES6814
>>BL11	The gypsy in my soul 	      104,                   -
>>BL12	I'm glad there is you 	      106,                   -
>>BL13	It's never too late to pray 	      103,                   -
>>Note: 	All above titles also on Baldwin Street Music (Can)BJH-306 [CD],
>>Classics (F)1316 [CD].
>>Mildred Bailey (vcl) acc by Dick Vance (tp) Aaron Sachs (cl) Red Norvo
>>(vib) Ellis Larkins (p) Chuck Wayne, Art Ryerson (g) Billy Taylor (b)
>>J.C. Heard (d)
>> 	New York, December 30, 1945
>>BL14	These foolish things 	Crown 104, Monmouth Evergreen MES6814
>>BL15	I've got the world on a string 	      106,                   -
>>BL16	Can't help lovin' that man 	      103,                   -
>>BL17	Summertime 	      105,                   -
>>Note: 	All above titles also on Classics (F)1337 [CD] titled "Mildrey
>>Bailey - 1945-1947"
>>All above titles also on Baldwin Street Music (Can)BJH-306 [CD].

Dave Weiner

>>7 yrs ago I acquired (nauck) Crown CR-106 of Mildred Bailey with Red
>>Norvo (got the world on a string // glad there's you, mxs BL-12 & 15).
>>The link with last week recordings subject comes as this record sounds as
>>one of the latest Mildred recs. Her voice sounds marvelous, but somewhat
>>tired... Any kind soul has info on these matrices, dates, this second
>>Crown label, etc? Is a favourite record of mine... Zanx. Inigo.
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