[78-L] Stradivox

Iñigo Cubillo ice261263 at gmail.com.invalid
Mon Nov 16 06:46:06 PST 2015

Quelques questions pour les amis de la francophonie...
Regarding the 1931  Stradivox portable gramophones, are they constructed as
per the impedance match principles (i. e. orthophonic)?
How well they sound, when compared with the big Columbia Viva-Tonal 163/161
or with the latest Victor portables or the HMV 102 and similar orthophonic
Did Stradivox ever constructed gramophones with bigger horns, as consoles
or tabletops?
I was playing with the idea of purchasing one Stradivox, but only if they
sound better than the others mentioned, which I own, except a portable
Victrola of the latest...
Indeed, I am always wavering (in HMVs) between the sound of HMV soundbox
no. 4 and nos. 5A/5B. For some records (sweet classical, a la
Heifetz/Casals/Kreisler, piano solos, etc)  the no. 4 soundbox, either in
the portable 101 or in the tabletops (126/127) sound better than the 102.
Of course, nothing to be compared with the big machines (I own a 194). But
talking about portables or tabletops, I find the sound of older HMVs (101,
126/7) with no. 4 soundbox sweeter than the 102 or the 104/130 with 5A/5B
soundboxes. Nothing to say about the no. 16 (also metallic diaphragm) which
sound much more harsh.
Of course, restoration is a point. Maybe my feelings are due to the good
restorations I've achieved on the mica no 4 soundboxes, which I feel I
cannot never match in the 5A/5B.

Inigo, from Madrid (SPAIN)

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