[78-L] where art thou, o Muse?

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Malcolm,  I think there are a lot of them.

Two who come to mind right away are Art Rollini who stopped playing to own 
and manage some dry cleaners...also the great pianist Bob Kitsis (played 
with Shaw and did a lot of studio work) who left music in the 50s for the 
insurance business.

And of course there are many mostly black jazz players who had to have 
"second jobs" in order to stay in the music biz,  even part time.


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> On a tangent to the ironic last recordings of various artists thread,
> has there ever been a recording artist that "lost the muse" and dropped
> out of the business to work at another profession?
> Only one I can think of was Frank Ferera, the prolific Hawaiian steel
> guitarist who went on to become a grocer on the Upper West Side of New
> York City, c . 1933. And this after a 20 year career in the recording
> business. Possibly he couldn't, or didn't want to, adapt his acoustic
> playing style to the new electric instrument. Or maybe it was the great
> depression.
> Anyone else?
> Malcolm
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