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Right, mine goof..I was thinking of Cameo Kid. Got a batch of early Playtimes which I thought were in the garage but are right here and which I should have checked last night.Examples:212: JACK AND THE BEANSTALK (which has to be heard to be believed..shades of Daddy Scarum on Twisting the Dials)/TOM THUMB (Ernest Hare & Virginia Wilson), yellow label,  Columbia Recording Corporation, different drawing on each label pertaining to the story therein; mats. 4050-9B and 4053. Also have 111A and 111B in the dead wax.
213: THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS (Billy Jones)/TOMORROW WILL BE CHRISTMAS (Arthur Hall). Full color label, Plaza Music Co. NY, mats not shown. Also have 112A and 112B in the dead wax.
242 is Vernon Dalhart, mats 4090 and 4092-2, no manufacturer credited.

And onward.

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> Greetings from FixitLand!
> David Lewis wrote:
> > Got a little stack of Playtimes here. The top one is an ARC Playtime and it easily dates to 1931; some bear familiar Columbia matrices and are no problem to date.
> > But I am flummoxed by some four digit matrices. Who made these, and when were they made?
> > Playtime 221A 4030-4 Ernest Hare : Yankee DoodleB 4027-4 Vernon Dalhart : Hail Columbia
> > Playtime 223A 4060-2 Arthur Hall : Oh Dear What Can the Matter BeB 4081-2 Arthur Fields: The Jolly Miller
> > Playtime 245A 9965-2 Playtime Dance Orchestra : MinuetB 9962-3 Playtime Dance Orchestra : Polka
> Hmmm.
> Matrix 9962-3 "Polka" concurs with the Abrams File listing. 26 August 1930. Abrams shows Justin Ring [orch.] as artist.
> 9965-2, however, collides with 9965 "So Beats My Heart For You" by Chick Bullock (Banner 0820 et al). There is a listing for 9963 "A Little Minuet" (also 26 Aug 1930, by Justin Ring ork).
> David Lennick suggested the 4000-series matrices could be Cameo. I don't think so. Cameo matrix 4030 is by William Robyn (ARC mx 8971, "I Can't Help Feeling Blue For You," 15 Aug 1929). 4027 is by Jean DePaye (organist; as "DePayne" [sic] in the Abrams File); 4060 is "Just You, Just Me" by "Vincent Richards' Dance Orchestra" (Pathé mx 108913, circa 30 July 1929); and 4081 is the very common "Any Old Time" by Adrian Schubert's ork (as "The Detroiters" on Cameo/Romeo at least), ARC mx 9025.
> No dice on Grey Gull matrices either, although their dates would be close. For instance, Grey Gull matrix 4030 is "Sweet Kentucky Nights" by "Shadyside Serenaders" (whoeverthehell THEY were) from April 1930 (Grey Gull 1870).
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