[78-L] Organic jazz

John Wright vintage at jabw.demon.co.uk.invalid
Wed Nov 4 10:28:18 PST 2015

There are quite a few records in Jazz Records by Arcadians Dance Orchestra.

This was one of the names used (in UK) by Bert Firman and John Firman when
their orchestra recorded in the Kingsway Hall, London, with Charles W Saxby
at the pipe organ. The organ is a 3-manual Christie, manufactured by Hill,
Norman & Beard.

The recordings have jazz content e.g. from Sylvester Ahola, Max Goldberg,
Arthur Lally, Perley Breed etc.

Does the organ ever swing? :o)

Check youtube for examples and decide:






John Wright 

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Subject: [78-L] Organic jazz
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Other than the great sides by Fats Waller, did anybody else ever create any
credible jazz on the pipe organ?


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