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Hi Kristjan,
  Thanks for the correction and link.
  Other sites list:
Artistotipia,  Kiev  1914/1915
 206 A Life for the Tsar (Glinka): Antonida's aria 206
 207 Traviata (Verdi): E strano... Ah, fors'è lui 207
 600 Pêcheurs de perles (Bizet): Duet (w. Slovstov) 600
 602 Traviata (Verdi): Parigi, o cara (w. Slovstov) 602
 603 Faust (Gounod): Laisse-moi, laisse-moi contempler
                      (w. Slovstov) 603
Any of these on LP or CD ???
Cheers, Thomas.

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Well, it's actually Artistotipia, nor Aristotipia.
You'll find useful information here:

As you can see it was not a G & T label. And the "Russian" bransh was based
in Kiev, Ukraine.

On 2015-09-23 17:34, Thomas Stern wrote:
> The recordings of MARIA KURENKO have recently caught my ear. Some 
> questions relating to the available issues: Her earliest recordings 
> circa 1914 for Russian label ARISTOTIPIA - any information about this 
> label (was it part of G&T ?). - Are there any reissues of any of those 
> sides other than the Faust duet in the 1988 VRCS Christmas album ???
> COLLECTORS GUILD CG 668 Maria Kurenko sings with Orchestra - any 
> detailed information on the source of these recordings (the more EJS 
> discography indicates some or all? are broadcasts) ??? -If anyone has 
> RECORD COLLECTOR 42/3 (September 1997) perhaps they provide info ???
> -Has anyone documented the Collectors Guild releases ??? PEARL GEMM CD
> 9228 reissues of Columbia and Victor recordings The "producers note" 
> in the booklet ends abruptly - I think the end of the sentence was 
> dropped. Anyone know what was intended ???? "In short, an artist of 
> the first class, and one whose" Are there any additional reissues of 
> her recordings on LP compilations ?? I am aware of: 1 track in VRCS
> 1988 album (Aristotipia) 1 track in VRCS 1992 (Columbia) 1 track in 
> COLUMBIA RECORD CLUB GB-14 The sound of genius: legendary recordings, 
> 1903-1956. 2 tracks in UORC 379 Potpourri No.6 (from 1945 broadcasts) 
> I am aware of her 1950's recordings for ALLEGRO(AL64), RACHMANINOFF 
> SOCIETY(RS2,RS5-reissued on CD VAIA 1094), LYRICHORD(LL/LLST7 23), 
> CAPITOL(8265,8320). -Any others ??? There is a collection of her 
> recordings available as a "2 CD" DOWNLOAD, and what is probably a CD-r 
> of Gretchaninoff: Missa Oecumenica, premier performance (26FEB1944, 
> Boston Symphony/Koussevitzky). Anyone know these offerings ? comments 
> welcome on or offline. Thanks! Best wishes, Thomas.
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