[78-L] Anyone know these people ???

Thomas Stern sternth at attglobal.net.invalid
Wed Sep 9 12:09:08 PDT 2015

ADDISON FOSTER - Golden Legend

MORRIS M GORDON - Chesterfield Music Shops

1. Any information about ADDISON FOSTER who copyrighted (1951) the ROSA
PONSELLE Lp (reissues of 1918-23 recordings) issued as GOLDEN LEGEND
Historical Series MLP 1201 ???

Curious album, stampers appear to be Columbia, but are non-consecutive

numbers, so probably made at different times.

   Were there additional releases on the GOLDEN LEGEND label ?? 

2. Repeat previous query under the heading of Chesterfield Music Shops:

  Any information about MORRIS M GORDON who wrote the liner notes

for the CMS 201 Fernando de Lucia Lp ???

  Any other albums in that series?


Best wishes, Thomas.


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