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Gilmour left every one wondering what the fate of the dragon was?  Naughty Clyde!  The selection on the other side of the JCT version is equally clever if not more so, "Sailor Men", and once more, lots of drama. I don't know the "Fairy Pipers". 


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> I grew up with the JCT record but I recall seeing Werrenrath's some years ago. Your reaction must be similar to when I discovered a gold label Brunswick of Sigrid Onegin doing "The Fairy Pipers", years before Danny Kaye massacred it (not that he had far to go with that song).
> We used to have requests for Green Eyed Dragon on RSVP. Clyde Gilmour once played it and halfway through said "That's enough of that."
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>> I ran into a record which probably isn't very rare but it was new to me; it was a Victor Red Seal of "The Green-Eyed Dragon", but it wasn't by John Charles Thomas, it was Reinald Warrenrath, (sp?).  It looks like it was recorded sometiime in the late '20s and it's the first time I've ever heard this song sung by anyone except JCT.  It's a much different interpretation, not near as dramatic, (however it's more dramatic than I've ever heard from this singer).  I believe Thomas recorded it around 1934 and I have no doubt that if he had recorded it first, this Warrenrath record wouldn't exist.  I don't think J. C. Thomas knows the meaning of the word "inhibitions" as this song and "Open Road" proves.
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